What is number of visits promotion and how to do it

Number of visits promotion

A 'number of visits' promotion is a great way to encourage customers to come to your business premises.

One of the most popular promotions for business owners is to provide free goods or services when customers visit a certain amount.

for example car wash business owners provide free car wash services to customers who wash cars 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 times and so on

Or another example baby business owners give a 5% discount to customers who come to their business premises for the 15th time

How to do this promotion

If you have enough budget, you can set up a tablet or phone for your store. If you don't have enough budget, just use your phone

Install the 'pelawat' application to display the qr code. Register and log in as a company

ask your customers to install the same application, usually if the customer has the advantage such as promotion, they will install.

Your customers will scan your qr code every time they come to your business premises. When they come 15th (according to your settings) they will get your discount coupon

Check out the video below for how it works

You can also view graphs and reports on visitor numbers, discounts, and more

In the future you can notify your promotions to customers who have come to your business premises. Promotions to customers who have come to your business premises are more effective than those to customers who have never been to your business premises

How much it costs

It's free. Is this true. Yes it's free


Check out video on how to do 'Number of visitors' promotion and how it works

Check it out...

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