How 'Pelawat' apps help your car wash business


Promotions are a great way to make your car wash business thrive. One of the most popular promotions for the car wash business is the free car wash service that is usually given after the customer has washed the car several times.

Various methods used by car wash business operators.

One of the popular methods is to print a card where each time a customer uses a car wash service, the card will be stamped with a rubber stamp indicating how many times the customer has used the car wash service on your premises.

With this method there is no follow-up promotion that encourages customers to come to your premises. Car wash business owners also don't know how many customers will be able to get for free

How this 'Pelawat' app helps you

Each time a customer scans qr code while they are using your car wash service, the app will automatically identify how many times your customer has used your car wash service.

If your customer is eligible for a free car wash promotion, the app will notify both your app and your customer

If you're not on the premise, you can check the number of customers that day by opening a report in your app

You can also create promotions for customers who have used your car wash service to encourage them to come back to your premises

How much it costs

It's free. Is this true. Yes it's free


Check out video on how to do 'Number of visitors' promotion and how it works

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